Administrators are very important for every wiki. They have the authority to block users,and even ban them from the wiki.The founder is by default a administrator, but to choose administrators for a wiki, the founder chooses the best people.The administrator has supreme authority over reverting edits.

Choosing of administrators:

An administrator must have the following:

  • Must have a proper profile:The required candidate must have a proper profile, no abusive language is used on his/her profile.The candidate should answer questions of new users.
  • Investigator:The administrator must not block a user if they edit or provide false information, he/she must first investigate and find out[in case the user didn't understand how to edit or what to do].
  • Responsible:The administrator is responsible for every wrong edit he or she posts or to block a user without investigating.The false information provider or editor must be given three chance before being blocked for a month or even banned.the administrator must send warning messages to the false editor and after the third time block the false editor[also explain how to edit].


  • An administrator must not violate any rules or ignore his/her responsibilities.
  • The administrator who violates the terms will be banned from the wiki.
  • The administrator should follow the terms of being administrator, after every two months the current administrator will be removed from duty and if chosen again by the founder will continue his/her duties.


The administrator must sign the terms and condition before getting the job, or will be blocked for an year,the administrator must provide true information or will be banned.


The administrator is the leader of every project after the founder, the founder will nominate an administrator for every project, violation could lead to permanent block.

He/she must sign the project as done after it's finishing.


A administrator has authority over banning users for valid reasons[only by permission of the founder].

  • Administrators have the authority to edit by notifying the founder and asking for permission.
  • Terms and conditions can be changed by the administrator after permission from founder.


  • Administrators are like roll models for others, they should behave like that
  • Is nice
  • Helps users
  • Does not block people if they do something wrong once
  • Asks the founder for permission
  • Respects others feelings.


The administrators are the following on this wiki

  • musawinxclub16 [founder]

coming soon......................

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