Queen Alex Edit

Also known as "The most powerful fairy in existence".Alex was born on the planet Harmony,her daughter Luna was also a fairy before she met Dracula and fell in love with him, Upon Luna's request Dracula turned her into a vampire.Dracula plotted to destroy Alex's status of being the most powerful creature in existence, But he was defeated by Alex, Dracula died because of the rays of the morning sun.Alex was known to be Beautiful, powerful, intelligent and kind.

Series story: Edit

Alex is the most powerful fairy in existence known for defeating Dracula and his army. Alex is the ancestor of Mahi, a fairy by birth but converted into a vampire. Alex has a remarkable resemblance to Mahi. Since, Alex's daughter turned into a vampire, she no longer remained her successor for the throne, leaving Mahi as the only successor of Alex.

Abilities Edit

Alex has almost every ability, known in history, her intense energy level allowed her to master every spell or potion known.

Known for Edit

Alex was known for her kindness, mercy and remarkable beauty. Due to her special features, she was liked by almost every one she met, attracting jealousy of her rival's. She was known to be the most beautiful and kind queen in history.

Relation with David Edit

Alex was the first and last love of David. When he first met her at moonlight high, when they were both very young, he explained to her how he felt about her, but when Alex became queen, he proposed to her and she accepted. They got married later on.

Images and appearance Edit

  • She had bright purple hair, and extremely pale skin.
  • Her transformation had transparent wings.
  • She wore a bright bluish, purple gown ( it was part of her transformation).
  • She had wavy and curly hair.
Alex in the dark forest asking directions from a blue dragon

Planning stages Edit

  • In the planning stages, Alex had green hair.
  • She was going to be the villain in the planning stages.
  • She was going to be the ice queen.
  • Alex's concept art was inspired from the moon.
  • She was a dangerous fairy, in the planning stages.

Trivia Edit

  • Her death date is unknown, but it is legend that she still lives.
  • She was the only fairy in moonlight high( in her time), who didn't have the power to grant wishes.
  • Her resemblance to the moon, inspired her creation.
  • Although her birth date is unknown, it is said she was born in August.
  • Her daughter Luna, abandoned her and joined Dracula.
  • She had a strong sense of justice.
  • Her mother was the consort of the great king George.
  • Her mother, had already become queen, when she was born.
  • Her mother died a few years after her birth.
  • Her father, was a kind, gentle, brave king, he taught Alex how to fight and become immune to all spells.

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