Mahi vampire family Mahi fairy family Mahi's friends Mahi's rival's
Queen Luna( mother) Alex (ancestor) Ariana Phoenix
Dracula( deceased father) queen Luna ( as fairy) Briana
The dark lord (ex- fiance) ------------------- Aquarius

Fairy/ Vampire of the moon Edit

Princess Mahi is the leader and founder of the D.fairies group. Although, born as a vampire, her heart doesn't believe it and her desire has always been to be a fairy.She is known to be Observant, Kind, Intelligent, Brave, Loyal, Selfless and extremely beautiful but a bit stubborn.Even though she is far from being perfect, her friends say that she is good at every thing. Mahi was the first character to be introduced, she lived in a palace near the dark forest on her planet Doom before finding out that she didn't belong there any more( when she became a fairy).She was introduced in the first episode of the series "Life changed".

Series story: Edit

Mahi was a vampire, who always wanted to be a fairy but her mother Luna; the vampire queen did not approve, she wanted Mahi to prey on humans instead of staying in the palace getting blood drinks without effort. Mahi and her mother fought a lot on the subject but one day, while fighting with her mom about becoming a fairy,leaving her mother to say that she will never be a fairy .Mahi; heart broken by her mother's words ran away into the dark forest, while she was crying a light glowed inside of her transforming her into a fairy,which brought joy to one's face.

Mahi left her home to go to Moon light high a school for all magical creatures, there she befriends teenage fairies Ariana, Aquarius, Briana and later forms the D.Fairies group with D for descendant .Anxious about her ancestor, she searches the library and visits every history archive and discovers a lot about Alex; the most powerful fairy in existence, at the second last episode of season 1; she discovers that she was not born a vampire but she was changed by her mother as she did not want her daughter to be a fairy by birth.The season ends with Mahi celebrating with every one on Moon light high.

Coming soon............

Abilities Edit

She is known as the most powerful creature of the present, her abilities include not only elemental abilities but also bending abilities. She possesses the ability to create peace and harmony and can eject sound waves that can make people deaf for eternity,she also possesses the ability to create a shield around her to block any mind control spells.But, her most powerful ability is to summon a giant but very powerful bird known as the song bird,known to be so powerful that it can destroy planets within a 20 mile radius and it can only be a controlled by a very powerful fairy .Her ability to absorb light and convert it into fire blades is also very powerful, her ability to see the future, when she is very curious makes her mentally present and cautious at all times

Vamp Faerie Edit

When the dark lord turned Mahi into a vamp faerie, she changed, she became the opposite, of her self, She was the evilest being as a vamp faerie, An interview with the creator of the series has said that,"Mahi, is the best roll model for a young girl, her kind, friendly, observant,intellectual character is enough to make a girl an inspiration for others.Vamp faeries are fairies that are turned into half vampires, that inspired me to make vamp faerie a series".

Out fits Edit

Vampire: Edit

Vampires are irresistible, but not this irresistible. Mahi looks different, and extremely beautiful.

Mahi as vampire

Fairy: Edit

Mahi appears to have changed a lot , her vampire looks were impossible to resist, but her fairy looks are UN bearable. The difference in her skin and hair is noticeable, she completely changed.
Mahi fairy transformation

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