Season 1


There was a great war in the world of magic,vampires and fairies planned to fight till the finish.Alex the most powerful fairy in existence fought the vampire leader and defeated her,restoring peace to the magic world,but Alex's descendant is unknown,without her who will carry on the task of Alex in the future?.

The story follows a vampire named Mahi, who all her life has wanted to be a fairy.Her mother the vampire queen does not approve of her wanting to be a fairy,she tries to make Mahi a human blood sucking vampire.One day ,her mother argues with her saying that Mahi can never become a fairy. Mahi leaves the room crying running away to the dark forest,as she is sitting on a tree[crying],a light bursts around her transforming her into a fairy by full force of will. Mahi leaves her home to go to moon light high,the college for all magical creatures.There she be friends descendant fairies Ariana,Briana,Aquarius.[Every one knows who's there ancestor except Mahi,the headmistress thinks that since the great and most powerful fairy in existence Alex's descendant is unknown Mahi could be Alex's descendant , could she really be Alex's descendant?].Together they fight to protect there world from destruction from the evil vampire queen Luna.

Season 2

coming soon........

other seasons coming soon.......

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